Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are designed to provide long-term benefits to our employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and individuals in communities around the Niger Delta and Nigeria at large areas.

It is Rotawn’s duty to take the conditions of their host communities seriously. There must be a positive effect on the lives of people that reside in communities where business operates.

Rotawn focuses on three main areas:

Social Responsibility :

Rotawn Group has adopted a proactive rather than reactive stance in our societal roles within our communities. We incorporate ethical decision making in all aspects of our business operations; thus ensuring the presence we establish within our communities encourages the holistic development and growth of their environment, economy and social dynamics.

We have a strong sense of responsibility on how we relate to the ills of our existing society.Rotawn has continued to contribute to areas of Less Privilege Societies, Health, Culture and Social Development.

We work to enable the achievement of the 2020 vision not solely through our business operation but also with the relationships we form within the communities we work in.

Our contributions are in support of attaining the Millennium Development Goals, like, the eradication of poverty, promotion of gender equality, economic growth and improvement of maternal health, within Nigeria. This is a way of reaching out and impacting positively on our Earth and Life in General.

Environment :

Given the nature of the industries in which we operate and invest, Rotawn endeavors to conduct our business with an overriding sense of environmental respect and responsibility.

In this sense the Group explores opportunities to participate in growing businesses that promote ecological conservation, such as renewable energy sources, emissions trading and crude oil cleanup and reconstitution.

Health & Safety :

The key fundamentals of safety, man, machine and environment are monitored to ensure that every aspect has been diligently assessed and safety is kept to its optimum.

Rotawn recognizes that the health and safety of our workforce and the people of the communities where we operate are our highest priority. We maintain a committed effort to create a safe and healthy workplace and endeavour to tread lightly and preserve the well-being of our environments.

Our strategy and initiatives are supported by a diligent adherence to the rules and regulations under the laws of the countries where we operate. .